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Kingdom Community

Simply put, Kingdom Community is a fellowship of Christians on mission. We exist to stoke the passion of the people of God, and then empower, equip, and release them to bring healing and restoration to this city.

WHO Is KC for?

The Kingdom Community is for any follower of Jesus who desires to follow Him a little further than they have before, past the current boundaries of their comfort zone. It is for those who understand that the deepest forms of joy, grace, and community aren’t found “in here,” they’re  found “out there,” when people are on mission together. 


Vision for this
Kingdom Community

We envision a multiplication of KC Groups, each serving our city in surprising and restorative ways. We envision a central gathering that meets regularly around the common table — a place where the community of the called can find what they need. Food and resources for the mission, rest for the weary, grace for the broken, and fellow warriors who refuse to sit idly by and let the enemy hold sway in our city. 


INfo about Kingdom Community Meetings? 

The primary form of the Kingdom Community are the KC Groups which are small gatherings that meet once a week in homes and other venues all around our city. KC Groups gather to eat, pray, and seek Jesus together with others who have a shared calling to a particular mission. 

The larger gathering, or KC Praxis currently meets the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 5PM at The One-Eighty's Teen Center. This gathering serves the purpose of worship, teaching, communion, and the “shared story”- our way of encouraging and inspiring one another with the beautiful things that God is doing throughout the Kingdom Community. 


Our Leadership

We firmly believe in the full giftings of the body being represented equally around the leadership table, none higher than others, all working together and incomplete without the other. Our leadership is comprised of people who have followed Jesus in the local and global setting, each and everyone on mission to see their city transformed. We firmly believe in servant leadership, and our commitment is to equipping and mobilizing the Church to live out the Gospel.

Group Seflie
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