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This gathering serves the purpose of worship, teaching, communion, and the “shared story”- our way of encouraging and inspiring one another with the beautiful things that God is doing throughout the Kingdom Community. 


New to Kingdom Community Praxis


Describe one of your services


Describe one of your services


Describe one of your services


Do I have to leave my church to be part of Kingdom Community? 

Not at all. Most of the people that are a part of Kingdom Community are a part of already-established churches. There are many wonderful expressions of the Church in our city, and we do not exist to compete with them. We’re here to serve the local Church by encouraging and inspiring its people to find and pursue their calling to mission. If we accomplish our purpose, people won’t be leaving their church for a new one… new disciples will be made and our churches will benefit and grow. At the same time, some folks have found that the Kingdom Community has become their main place of Christian fellowship, and that’s OK with us as well. Our desire is to be a community of high creativity and low control, so we will not put limits on how people could/might experience it. 

Are Children welcome at kc praxis gatherings?

Yes! Not only are they welcome, but we believe that children are a vital part of our mission. We love the sounds of children’s voices in all our gatherings, large or small. We understand that some parents need options for childcare, so we would like to provide that to you. Come a bit early to get your kiddo(s) acclimated. Let us know if you need anything.

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